Eternal Battlefield

by Ed Robinson

Through a swirl of pastel lights
It comes to me.
The fire fights to keep it out
But it does not yield.

Winter falls over the spring
And it chills me.
I try to flee the biting wind,
But it is quick.

Night laughs at me as I run;
It mocks me.
The sky fights to strike me down,
But I live on.

Blackness swells inside my soul;
It chokes me.
The shadow grows to cover my eyes;
It overtakes me.

The struggle lasts a moment more.
It's all in vain.
My consciousness flies into the night;
I fall.

Both good and bad, they come to me;
I cherish them.
Too soon, they're gone and morning comes;
I am lost.

My consciousness returns, refreshed
To aid me.
White light fills my soul, renewing me.
I wake.

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