Blades of Treachery

When he chased the gray duck out of his smithy for the third time that day, Rhys never expected that the bird would lead destiny to his door. He expected a long day by a hot forge.

When Wynne entered the Carlyll Smithy, she got just what she expected, a young man with a talent for finding shape in iron. She never expected to fall in love.

Blades of Treachery is the working title of a fantasy novel in progress. It is a tale of love, murder, war, and revenge served cold. The future of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young people who realize neither the extent of their responsibility nor the dark power that awaits them at the end of their journey.

For Rhys Carlyll, it is a matter of family honor. Wynne Bellamy is a Seer, following a vision of things to come. And Cole macCraig doesn't know what is coming, but he knows it's coming for him. When their paths meet, the journey begins, and an evil lurking in the shadows begins a campaign to destroy everything he once helped to build.

Below are several excerpts from the first third of the story. I have carefully chosen excerpts that hint at things to come without giving away too much of the story, as well as pieces that get inside of a character's head and explore the lost children who discover the weight of the world is theirs to bear.


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