Tales of the   Universe

Pilot Episode
"Crisis of Coris Alpha"
Dramatis Personae

Regular Cast
Jok Chancer- bounty hunter, dark hair (think John Cusack)
Jenna Stark- freighter pilot, strawberry-blonde hair (think Mary Stuart Masterson)
Raspin Stalwart- mauve-skinned alien, prehensile tail (CGI)

Recurring Cast
Lieutenant Koran- salmon-colored Mon Calamari fish-man
Keddic re Chad- bat-like, Chadra-Fan crime lord
Keddic's Bodyguards- two Ithorian "hammer-heads"

Guest Cast
Narm Tikon- demonic, Devaronian-alien with one horn cut off
Del Wennix- Human rebel spy
Wave-Skimmer Merchant- old Human casino worker
Wheel Operator- a human casino dealer

Passengers on the Calamari Sunrise
Lurkers on Dorion Space Station
Two wave-skimmer riders
Guests on Coris Alpha
Two human underlings of Narm
One power-armored lackey of Narm

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May the Force be with you!

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