Tales of the   Universe


Scene 1
INT-SHOT: Spaceport. DEL, JOK, and RASPIN walk with NARM, bound and gagged, in tow. They are standing near a nondescript spaceship.

JOK (to DEL): Thanks for the use of your ship.

DEL: No problem, just get it back as soon as possible... in case I have to leave in a hurry.

JOK: Done.

JENNA (from off-camera): Isn't it going to be a little tough driving and watching a prisoner, Flyboy? (she moves into view)

JOK: Jenna? What are you doing here?

JENNA: I thought you might need a lift. And besides, I missed Raspin. I thought I might keep him around for a while. That is, if you think you can handle it!

JOK (turning toward the Pink Lady): Hey, I'm Jok Chancer. I can handle anything!

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May the Force be with you!

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