Tales of the   Universe

Narm Tikon

Scene 5
EXT-SHOT: The Cascade. Another small explosion punctuates the previous scene.

INT-SHOT: Nano's Winery. NARM looks shocked. JOK is on the floors. RASPIN stands behind some racks, stumbling under the rocking explosion.

NARM: What!?!

JOK (half-standing): I found the charges, Narm. And I removed them. The engines are fine.

NARM: But I heard the explosion!

JOK (smirking): Oh, that. I thought you might want your bombs back, so I strapped them to the Devil's Fire. I couldn't get insi...

NARM: My Ship!?! I'll kill you!

NARM goes for his gun, but RASPIN shoots it out of his hand. NARM drops to the floor and rolls. When he sits up, he finds JOK's micro-blaster pointed between his eyes from about half a foot away, where JOK is now standing.

JOK: Game's over, Tikon!

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May the Force be with you!

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