Tales of the   Universe

Narm Tikon

Scene 3
INT-SHOT: Nano's winery. A liquor store. NARM and a human bounty hunter stand by the cash register. Another human bounty hunter walks around the store. JOK and RASPIN rush in, guns ready to fire. The bounty hunters aim in their direction. NARM hold's up the detonator.

JOK: Drop it Narm. This could be easy.

NARM: Jok Chancer. I never thought we'd meet again.

JOK: This isn't a meeting Narm! I'm taking you in!

NARM: Don't make me kill all of these innocent people, Jok.

JOK: Make you? You'd revel in it!

NARM: Maybe, but I'm holding the big trigger. Put them down... now!

JOK and RASPIN lay down their weapons.

NARM: Where's Wennix?

JOK: Like I'd tell you.

NARM (thumb on the detonator): You have no choice.

JOK: You can't escape, Narm. If you push that button, you guarantee it.

NARM: Some people will never understand. (begins reaching for his blaster with his free hand)

JOK lunges for NARM, knocking him over. The bounty hunters turn to fire on JOK, but one is blasted and the other has his blaster shot out of his hand. The human bounty hunter looks toward RASPIN, who is holding a sporting blaster between his legs with his tail, a satisfied look on his face. JOK gets knocked aside by the stronger devaronian and NARM stands, detonator in hand.

NARM: You brought this on these people Jok. You are responsible.

NARM flips the detonator switch.

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May the Force be with you!

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