Tales of the   Universe

Narm Tikon

Scene 1
INT-SHOT: Hallway, Mall Level 1. JOK and RASPIN exit the elevator (without the big sack) and almost immediately run into DEL.

JOK: What are you doing up here?

DEL: Don't try to stop me.

JOK: You can't turn yourself in!

DEL: I must.

JOK: By the Prophets, Del, he's going to kill you or, worse, turn you in to the Empire! Let my handle this... please!

DEL: All right, but you only get one chance! If you blow this, I'm going in. I won't have the deaths of thousands on my conscience.

JOK: You've got a deal. (starts to leave)

RASPIN: Sss-nal kii. DEL: I have no idea what that meant, but if you said good luck, you had better save it all for yourself.

RASPIN nods and exits.

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May the Force be with you!

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