Tales of the   Universe

Del Wennix

Scene 7
EXT-SHOT: Water around main repulsor battery. JOK stabilizes and shoots out from between the two suits of power armor and heads for the lone skimmer. The skimmer turns to leave, rapidly.

JOK: Oh no you don't! If you're not Narm, you sure as the Prophets aren't going to warn him.

JOK fires his blaster batteries and blows the other skimmer apart. JOK turns back toward the power armor, which are closing from behind.

JOK (dodging blaster shots): Great! Blasters aren't going to do anything against those monsters.

A battle ensues with a number of minor hits and near misses. Things are going very bad for JOK. All of his shots that hit do nothing at all.

JOK: I could really use some of that famous Chancer luck right about now!

INT-SHOT: JOK's skimmer console. JOK notices a control he missed before.

JOK: Well, go figure. An honest merchant!

EXT-SHOT: Water. The two suits of power armor close from different approach vectors.

JOK: Fire 1!

A torpedo launches from JOK's skimmer, blowing one of the suits to bits. JOK barely dodges a volley of blaster fire from the second suit. Then JOK brings it around to face the second suit.

JOK: Fire 2!

The second suit explodes as JOK's second torpedo hits its mark.

JOK (turning toward the repulsor battery): Now let's see what was so interesting over here.

JOK approaches the battery. His eyes (and the camera) focus on several off-colored, metallic disks covered with blinking lights.

JOK: Carbonic detonators? Oh, no. I have a bad feeling about this!

JOK hits his comm-link control.

JOK: Raspin? You there?

RASPIN (bad voice-over): Sss-lak vor chuk.

JOK: I know you hate water, but there are six shaped charges on the lower repulsor-lift batteries. I know you're not going to be happy about this, but I need you to come out here. Bring a wet suit. I have a plan.

RASPIN (voice-over) groans loudly.

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May the Force be with you!

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