Tales of the   Universe

Del Wennix

Scene 6
EXT-SHOT: Water surrounding lower-casino. One of the casino's massive repulsor batteries can barely be seen through the water, working hard to keep the station afloat. JOK speeds in on a skimmer and sees another skimmer orbiting the battery.

JOK: Are you a devil, or a lackey, I wonder?

JOK begins to approach, but gets shaken when a blaster shot grazes his skimmer from the side. JOK looks left, then right. A bulky humanoid closes in from either side.

JOK: Power armor!?

Another shot slams into JOK's skimmer, sending bubbles spraying out of a small hole.

JOK (screaming): By the Prophets!

Fade for third break.

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May the Force be with you!

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