Tales of the   Universe

Del Wennix

Scene 5
INT-SHOT: Convenience Rental Level. JOK and RASPIN walk down the hall stopping at every booth. They finally find what they're looking for at the Wave-Skimmer rental booth. JOK says something to the MERCHANT, his question covered by the noises of the crowd.

MERCHANT: We rented to a Devaronian earlier. All-day rental, in fact.

JOK: A one-horned Devaronian?

MERCHANT: Don't know, I just got here. I didn't rent it out to him. The register lists them as a Devaronian and a human.

JOK: Two of them?

MERCHANT: Yep. One of the two is still out.

JOK: Do you know where?

MERCHANT: Can't say for sure, but they got a beacon. I'm none too trusting of some people. Things tend to disappear.

JOK: Any way I can get those codes?

MERCHANT: I can rent you one of our security skimmers, but they get into the expensive range.

JOK: How expensive?

MERCHANT: one-fifty.

JOK: I'll take one.

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May the Force be with you!

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