Tales of the   Universe

Del Wennix

Scene 4
INT-SHOT: Suite B. A small, unadorned suite with only a single sabacc-dealing table and six chairs. DEL sits on the far side of the room, with four people sitting at the table. There are plans for the casino sprawled out on the table. JOK and RASPIN enter and all five men point blasters in their direction. JOK and RASPIN put their hands in the air. RASPIN puts his tail up, too.

DEL: Now, my young bounty-seeking friend, your name certainly does matter!

JOK: Hey, whoa, yeah. Chancer, Jok. Republic registry 4016- 738A. You can put the guns down, Cracken sent me.

DEL and his companions put their guns under the table, out of sight. JOK and RASPIN put their hands down.

DEL: All right. I am Del Wennix. What are you here for?

JOK: I'm looking for someone who is looking for you, a bounty hunter by the name of Narm Tikon. Cracken wants him for a list of crimes, and I'm the man he sent. We have a history, he and I.

DEL: What does this man look like?

JOK: He's not a man. He's a Devaronian with one horn. His right one was severed two-thirds of the way down with a vibro- axe. Have you seen him?

DEL: No, but I'll keep my eyes open. A friend told me someone was looking for me earlier today. The shadow lost him on the Convenience Rentals Level.

JOK: Thanks. One more thing: if you do see him, don't try anything fancy. He's deadly.

DEL: Don't worry; I won't.

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May the Force be with you!

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