Tales of the   Universe

Del Wennix

Scene 1
EST-SHOT: The Corisian Cascade casino. A floating casino on a water-world, built like an iceberg with most of its mass beneath the surface. The Pink Lady flies down toward it. INT-SHOT: Spaceport. JOK and RASPIN watch the Pink Lady leave. RASPIN shakes his head. JOK: I told you not to expect much. We're on our own, big guy!

INT-SHOT: Mall level 3. JOK and RASPIN walk through a short hall to an elevator and step one as two Imperial Stormtroopers step off. The doors close.

INT-SHOT: Elevator. RASPIN paces while JOK tries to think. JOK looks up at RASPIN.

JOK: What?

RASPIN: Sss-lor tuk nor chal kon.

JOK: Rasp, I told you not to expect miracles when we left the first time. We just can't work together. I wish you could understand.

RASPIN: Sss-nal lour kuur.

JOK: I know you can't. It's not in your nature. You're Tilorian. Look, Rasp, we're brood-brothers now, so you'll just have to trust me on this one. Besides, it's just not the will of the Prophets.

RASPIN (frustrated): Sss-wok nal jor ken Thuk-oor!

JOK: You'd better take that back!

The elevator doors open and RASPIN storms out. JOK follows.

JOK (from outside the elevator, out of view): Well? Are you going to take it back?

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May the Force be with you!

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