Tales of the   Universe

Jenna Stark

Scene 7
INT-SHOT: Spaceport. JENNA and RASPIN are readying the Pink Lady for flight. Blaster sounds and screaming are heard from outside. They look at each other as if they know why.

JENNA (running into the ship): Some people never learn.

JOK runs into the Spaceport firing over his shoulder. Blaster bolts follow him in. The Pink Lady begins to power up.

RASPIN (running aboard ship, firing his blaster rifle past JOK): Sss-Jok!

JOK dashes aboard ship as the hatch begins to close. Blaster bolts hit the ship as four station guards rush through the closing Spaceport airlock door. As they fire on the ship, the docking bay force field goes down and the ship and guards are blown into space.

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May the Force be with you!

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