Tales of the   Universe

Jenna Stark

Scene 5
INT-SHOT: Keddic's office. Plushy decorated with incense-smoke coming out of four different censers. KEDDIC is sitting behind a short desk. The door slides open and JOK enters. The door slides shut.

JOK: Keddic re Chad, long time no see.

KEDDIC (inhales deeply before speaking): Well, you are not here to kill me, so what do you want of me?

JOK: I'm looking for someone... I'm looking for Narm.

KEDDIC: Narm Tikon?

JOK: By the Prophets, Keddic, you know who I'm talking about. Cut the formalities and let's get to it!

KEDDIC (smiling): I have no idea what you are talking about.

JOK: Wrong answer!

JOK picks up KEDDIC by the from of his robe and slams him against a wall. A microblaster, that seems to come from nowhere, appears in JOK's other hand. JOK sticks the short barrel into one of KEDDIC's large nostrils.

JOK: I may not be able to smell when you're lying, but don't play me, Keddic! You know well what I'm talking about. Now tell me where Narm is before I redecorate your office with bat- parts!

KEDDIC (sniffing): Put away the gun, Jok, you do not have the smell of a killer. You never did. That is why you where a lousy bounty hunter.

JOK puts KEDDIC on the floor, but before the alien can move, JOK grabs one of KEDDIC's over-sized hands and presses it against the wall. JOK puts the gun barrel against a finger.

JOK: You'll find I have no qualms about blowing off your fingers.

KEDDIC: Coris Alpha. Narm was going to Coris Alpha.

JOK: Why? That's in Imperial-controlled space. Narm had no love of the Empire.

KEDDIC: He changed his mind. He was on a bounty, someone named Wennix, Del Wennix. The Empire still pays well for such as he.

JOK (letting KENNIC's hand loose): Thanks Kennic, I knew you could be reasonable.

JOK looks back at the door and then toward Kennic.

KEDDIC: You understand that you are a dead man, Jok?

JOK: Well, as I see it, you're going to escort me out of here.

KEDDIC: And why would I do that?

JOK (waving his blaster and smirking): Because your guards didn't search me well enough.

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May the Force be with you!

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