Tales of the   Universe

Jenna Stark

Scene 3
INT-SHOT: Spaceport. Several aliens are here, some from the Cantina Calamari, but mostly humans. RASPIN walks in through a huge airlock door and goes over to a pinkish-grey ship (which resembles Boba Fett's Slave 1). JENNA's legs are sticking out from beneath it in pink leather with white boots. The words "Pink Lady" are painted on the ship in red letters.

RASPIN (loudly, trying to speak over the many engine noises): Sss-nal gor chuuk.

JENNA (from beneath the ship): I know that hiss!

JENNA slides out from beneath the ship and heads over to RASPIN, hugging him tightly.

JENNA: Raspin Stalwart, I never thought I'd see you again!

JENNA lets go of RASPIN, grabs his arm and drags him to the ship. She leans up against the hull.

JENNA: What are you doing here?

RASPIN: Sss-nor chuuk, kuul...

JENNA: Slow down, it's been a while.

RASPIN: Sss-nor chuuk, kuul nal vorr kass nitch cull lorr Jok...

JENNA (loudly): Jok! (RASPIN takes a step back, his tail between his legs) You're here with him! I should have known.

RASPIN: Sss-volk!

JENNA: Why you play the stooge for that loser I'll never understand.

RASPIN (insistently): Sss-kos gora nik; Sss-nok vor shuk.

JENNA (calmingly): I'm sorry Raspin, I know what the spineless jerk means to you.

JENNA walks over to the boarding ramp and sits down.

JENNA: You need a ride?

RASPIN: Sss-yess.

JENNA (laughing slightly at RASPIN's attempt to speak Basic): Alright, then I'll give you one... Jok too.

JENNA gets up and walks on board ship.

JENNA (from inside): But if he can't control himself, I'm shooting him out an airlock."

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