Tales of the   Universe

Jenna Stark

Scene 2
EXT-SHOT: Keddic's House of Fortune. Casino sounds abound and the scenery is dark. A nasty-looking alien is squatting by the front doors. JOK and RASPIN approach and stop at the doors.

JOK: I'd better go this route alone, Rasp. You head out to the spaceport and see if you can't soften Jenna up for me.

RASPIN: Sss-vor chuk.

JOK: Just go. I'll be alright.

RASPIN: Sss-vor chuk, nor!

JOK (exasperated): Just go. (RASPIN looks at him, head tilted in concern). Hey, it's me...

RASPIN leaves and JOK walks into the bar.

INT-SHOT: Keddic's House of Fortune. If it's possible, the interior is seedier than the exterior. The shot focuses on the bar, where a human bartender wipes the bar. JOK approaches the bar and makes a quick exchange with the bartender, the noise of the place covers what he's saying. JOK approaches the back of the bar and walks through a "bead-curtain" out of the room.

INT-SHOT: The foyer of Keddic's office. Two Ithorian "hammer- heads" sit in the room with large blaster-rifles laying across their laps. The ITHORIANS speak from two separate mouths on either side of their heads in a weird stereo. The two Ithorians speak as one, alternating words from alternating mouths for a very unique effect. JOK enters through a bead-curtain.

ITHORIANS: What do you want here, human?

JOK (somewhat nervously but defiant, unwilling to show that he doesn't think he can out-draw both of them): I'm here to see a bat about the devil.

ITHORIANS (standing in unison and aiming their weapons at JOK): You will not speak of the boss in such a way.

JOK (hands in the air): Hey, no offense intended.

ITHORIANS: You will leave now!

JOK: Sorry, I've got business to discuss!

JOK starts to go for his blaster but it is shot off of his belt by one of the ITHORIANS. They get closer to JOK until their guns are almost against his chest.

ITHORIANS: We guess you will need to be carried out.

Close Shot of their hands on the triggers. Fade for first break.

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May the Force be with you!

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