Tales of the   Universe

Jenna Stark

Scene 12
INT-SHOT: The Pink Lady's mini-lounge. JOK is laying on the couch nursing his bruises with pain-suppressant gel. RASPIN is watching with boredom-induced interest from behind a small table. JENNA enters from the rear.

JOK: That wasn't funny!

JENNA (sitting on a bench opposite JOK): I forgot, you're the only one allowed to have a sense of humor.

RASPIN groans and gets up, making a subtle show of leaving the room, he exits. JOK (snaps): Now look what you did!

JENNA: What I did?

JOK (rubbing the gel on his bruised arm): Yes, what you did! You know how he hates it when we argue.

JENNA leans back, reflecting on the past, but quickly comes upon a thought that breaks her reverie. She sits back up.

JENNA: He should be used to it. It's all you ever did.

JOK: All I ever did?

JENNA: You heard me.

INT-SHOT: Hallway. RASPIN leans against the wall by a doorway. He looks inside and sees JOK with his feet up on the table RASPIN had been sitting at a minute before. JENNA lays back and falls asleep quickly. JOK looks over at her sleeping body and tries to smile. RASPIN turns away from the scene, shaking his head, and walks down the hall.

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May the Force be with you!

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