Tales of the   Universe

Jenna Stark

Scene 11
EST-SHOT: The Pink Lady spinning in space, with five Z- 95s closing fast. The Pink Lady stabilizes and starts maneuvering between laser bolts.

JOK (voice-over): It's about time!

INT-SHOT: Cockpit.

JENNA: Do you want to walk to Coris Alpha, Flyboy? It can be arranged!

JOK: Why don't you relax?

JENNA (as the ship rocks to one side, another Z-95 is blown to bits outside of the viewport): Why don't you go make your self useful. Check on the lateral stabilizers, I think one just shook loose!

JOK (getting up to leave and almost losing his balance): I'm on my way.

JOK exits.

JENNA: And while your at it, lock the right hyperdrive capacitor, I had it open earlier and we can't risk a jump with it loose!

EST-SHOT: A space battle ensues with several near-misses on the Pink Lady. Two more Z-95s are blown apart.

INT-SHOT: Engine room. JOK is standing near a wall locking a large piece of hanging equipment in place. He strains under its weight, but finally gets it in place.

JOK: Everything's in place. Get ready to get us out of here, I'll be right up! It's over!

INT-SHOT: Cockpit. JENNA grins deeply and pulls back on the hyperdrive controls.

INT-SHOT: Engine room. The ship lurches. JOK flies through the air and slams against the back wall.

INT-SHOT: Cockpit. Jenna watches the stars turn into lines as the ship enters hyperspace.

JENNA: Now... it's over!

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May the Force be with you!

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