Tales of the   Universe

Jenna Stark

Scene 1
EST-SHOT: Dorion Space Station orbiting Dorion IV. Several ships are attached to docking bays, the Calamari Sunrise is center screen.

INT-SHOT: Station Docking Bay. JOK and RASPIN are coming out from an air-lock and walk through the docking bay. A guard stops them for a second, but lets them pass. They leave.

EXT-SHOT: Docking bay doors and main throughway of the Station. JOK and RASPIN come into the throughway from the docking bay and stop at a computer terminal. JOK reads the terminal and shakes his head.

JOK: Narm is gone.

RASPIN: Sss-nu juk!

JOK: Yeah, you said it.

JOK looks back at the terminal screen and his mood visibly changes.

JOK RASPIN (concerned): Sss-nor shuk.

JOK: We're just going to see if she'll give us a lift, Rasp, Don't wish for miracles. (turns away from RASPIN) "We went our separate ways a long time ago, and on bad terms. We'll be lucky if she doesn't shoot us.

RASPIN: Sss-kun chor.

JOK: Right, as usual, big guy. I'm the one she wants to blast. Anyway, before we see about a lift, we have to find out where we're going.

JOK and RASPIN resume walking.

RASPIN: Sss-norr kuun?

JOK: I have to get to Keddic's. If anybody can tell me where Narm went from here, it'll be Keddic.

JOK and RASPIN turn into a side alley, the area is much seedier and most of the people (human and alien) are obviously dregs and criminals.

JOK: This way.

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May the Force be with you!

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