Tales of the   Universe

Jok Chancer

Scene 3
INT-SHOT: Promenade, just out side of Cantina. JOK exits through bar doors; RASPIN is leaning against the outer wall. JOK approaches RASPIN.

JOK: 20 thousand.

RASPIN: Sss-Var chuuk, sin churr.

JOK: He wants us to bring in Tikon.

RASPIN: Sss-chikon nurr ess vol chuk.

JOK: Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing old Narm again, myself. Old one-horn is going down hard, buddy. There's no way I'm letting him hurt anybody else... ever.

RASPIN: Sss-verr nurr shouk?

JOK: Dorion Space Station, big guy. Somewhere I swore I'd never go again. Better bring your blaster.

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