Tales of the   Universe

Jok Chancer

Scene 2
EXT-SHOT: The Cantina Calamari. Polished metal and pastel colors. RASPIN leans against the outer wall. JOK walks toward the door and nods in RASPIN's direction. INT-SHOT: The Cantina Calamari. A small crowd is present engaged in various activities. A KORAN sits by himself at a round table, next to an empty table. JOK enters and sits at the empty table. RASPIN appears at the door.

KORAN (his voice is raspy and inhuman): Jok Chancer?

JOK: No, but he sent me. Who are you?

KORAN: I am Lieutenant Koran of the New Republic navy. General Airen Cracken asked me to meet Mr. Chancer here. I am not permitted to give my information to anyone else.

JOK (smirks like only he can): Don't get your fins in a tangle, Koran, I'm your man.

KORAN: Your assignment (stresses "assignment) is Narm Tikon.

JOK (visibly aggressive at the name): Where is he?

KORAN: He was last seen on the Dorion Space Station. General Cracken wants him brought in alive (stressing "alive").

JOK stands an turns toward the doorway, RASPIN backs away slowly.

JOK: This cruiser's due in the Dorion System in two days. Was Cracken that sure I'd do it?

KORAN (as Jok begins to leave): The General (stress "general") thought you might. The reward is 12 thousand.

JOK (leaving): You tell the General I won't take less than 20.

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