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Welcome to my boring page of links that didn't fit in anywhere else.
Below are the places I go to laugh, get information, or just hang out.
The Most Important Site on the Web: The Hunger Site.Com
Donate Food to the Hungry at NO COST! This site is legitimate.
 Daily Comics Web Development Film-Related Sites
"Sparky" will be missed
The Groan Zone
Great Menuz and JavaScripts
The Internet Movie DataBase
The Dilbert Zone
My life, in 2-D
The #1 JavaScript Resource
The Academy Awards
The Official Website
Stone Soup
My new-Favorite Strip
Bobby Approved
Make Pages Handicapable
Great Sound Files
 Television Links Cool Art Sites Favorite Actresses
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Jonathon Earl Bowser
Natural Spiritualism
Michelle Pfeiffer
Nothing more need be said...
TV Guide Online
The Official Website
Beautiful Fantasy Art
Sarah Michelle Gellar
More Than Just Buffy
Washington's WB50
My Local WB Affiliate
T2 Art Works
Tony Tiny World Anime (JP)
Natalie Portman
Beauty and Brains
 TV Shows Comics Role-Playing Games
Space Ghost C2C
Funniest Talk Show on TV
DC Comics
The Original and Best
West End Games
Home of the DCU RPG
The Family Guy
FOX's Comedy Masterpiece
Counter-Cultural Hilarity
Alderac Group
Home of L5R & 7th Sea
Buffy tVS
The Best Thing on TV
The Place for Girls in Comics
The Infiniverse
A Great RPG E-Zine
 Graphics Miscellaneous Fun Information
Animal Pictures Archive
Huge Archive of Wildlife
Movie Cliches List
Great Stereotype Lists
The Washington Post
My Hometown Newspaper
All-Purpose Resource
Goth Babe of the Week
All Goth, All the Time
This Day in History
A Great Trivia Resource
Theme Heaven
Huge Collection of Themes
Films... Abridged
Lunar Phases
Past, Present, and Future